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    I'm a new PDA user. I installed a .pdb file called Sega Dreamcast Cheat Codes. I know it is on my BVD because it shows up in info. What program do I need to install to view it? Also, how do I delet an individual .pdb file? Thanks!
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    Flash: You need a document reader, or doc reader. You can find them at . Go to browse software, then select doc software - there are about 30 selections, some free, some shareware. CSpotRun is a great free one, Tealdoc is the only one that will show images in docs, isilo is one that supposedly compacts the documents better. And there are more choices.

    You can delete documents from your machine using most of the doc readers, or other programs like DBexplorer.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks! I have iSilo installed, but it doesn't see the Sega file. I'll try one of the other doc readers and see if that works.
    Thanks again!
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    According to, this cheat sheet is just a Palm Doc file. iSilo can read DOC files if you turn the option on. The best free reader is CSpotRun so you might want to download that anyway.
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    Again thanks. My iSilo reader is set for iSilo and doc, but the cheat sheet doesn't show up anyway. I'll try Cspotrun.
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    If the .pdb file isn't a doc, it might be a database file, so if Cspotrun doesn't work, try a program like MobileDB.
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    I agree with gthyb on this one. I believe that .pdb stands or Palm Data Base and therefore could only be viewed by a database program such as MobileDB.
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    It turns out that it was a Teal Info file. It shows up just fine with Teal Info!
    Thanks for everyone's help!

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