Hi, I'm having one hell of a time with my Treo 600 and I'm hoping that ya'll can help.

My digitizer is usually out of sorts when I switch on my Treo. To fix things, I hit the "HOME" button, then "P" for Prefs, then the 5-way center button, then "T" for TouchScreen, and finally I am at the realign screen. TAP-TAP-TAP, and everything's okay.

Over the past few weeks, it has become harder and harder to complete the realign process. Sometimes it takes several passes through the digitizer to sort things out. Other times, I have to do a soft reset, then attempt the re-alignment.

After much research I've come to discover that debris trapped between the edge of the touchscreen and the Treo casing can prevent the digitizer from working properly. The fix is to run a piece of thin, stiff paper (a Post-It Note is perfect) around the entire screen edge to knock things loose. Lo-and-behold, this works almost every time.

When it doesn't work, I can blow really hard around the edges of the screen, and that sorts things out.

The problem has worsened to the point where this Mickey Mouse BS is necessary almost every time I switch on my Treo.

I bought my T600 new from CompUSA in August of this year. It is indeed a new unit and not a refurb. It has been upgraded with the latest Sprint software version (1.2 ?). I carry lock/line insurance for my Treo.

In honesty, I've dropped this little bugger good and hard exactly once. The chrome trim around the front of the case bears the scars. But the digitizer problem existed before that day, and did not worsen immediately, so I don't think the 'dropping' is to blame (entirely to blame?).

Can I -

1> Return the thing to CompUSA for some kind of in-warranty exchange? Will they balk at the damage?
2> Return it to PalmONE for a refurb (which is a kind of roulette)? Any cost to me?
3> Pay my $35 to lock/line and get one of their refurbs (roulette, again)?


Tim ==