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    I purchased the Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth from for around $47. It is available from for $39, but they didn't have any in-stock when I ordered. They may have some now.

    It arrived yesterday.

    The package includes the headset, an AC power adapter for charging, and an extra foam piece for the earphone.

    It took me a minute to find the charging hole on this thing. It was covered up by the ear hanger. Finally I realized that the ear hanger rotated and the charging hole was exposed. When you plug in the charger, there is a little orange light that glows next to the charging hole. When charging is done, it turns off. It took about 2 hours for me to get a full charge. In the manual it states that it may take 4 hours for a full charge.

    People tell me that the microphone sounds really good. I used it in my car with the heater blasting (it was -5 degrees here last night). They couldn't hear any background noise. People told me it sounded loud enough.

    I was a little disappointed with the loudness of the earpiece. It is just loud enough with the volume all the way up. I always like to have additional room in case I'm in a really loud place. I bought a Motorola HS810 to see if it was any louder. It was about the same, so I returned the Motorola.

    Usage with Treo 650:
    When a call comes in, there is a ringer in the Logitech. It sounds like the song "greensleeves". You can press the button on the headset to answer a call and to hang up.

    When you place a call on the Treo 650, and the Logitech is on, the call will automatically be connected to the Logitech headset. There is a button on the screen of the Treo 650 to cancel the headset.

    Voicedial does not work, through the Logitech headset. You can initiate voicedial on the phone and when it starts ringing, the headset is connected.

    The logo on the earpiece also serves as a volume rocker +/-. If you hold it down for 2 seconds, the earpiece is muted.

    I was unable to get any additional functions working with the earpiece like redial, etc... I called Logitech and they said it was up to the phone manufacturer to support different functions with an earpiece, and that there might be some configuration in the phone that allows me to configure the multifunction button. No such luck on the treo 650.

    I haven't used the earpiece enough to check on battery life. I'll update this after I use it for a while.
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    thanks for the review. i ordered mine from and have no idea when it will come. nice to know you're mostly happy with it.
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    Great review!! What profile did you use, "Handsfree" or "Headset"? I know people are having success with extended functions using one of the two profiles. I will have to search and find out which profile yields the most success. You might want to try switching profiles to see what happens.
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    There is no way to switch profiles as far as I know... I didn't see anything on the phone about switching profiles and there is nothing in the documentation for the Logitech device.
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    Btw.. I forgot to mention range. I've gotten about 50 feet away in my house. I left my phone in my car.. and walked into a strip mall store and still worked, too, although it started getting crackly went I entered the building.
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    i just cancelled my order w/onsale because their eta for delivery was 12/10. now i need to find someone else that has them in stock for about $45.
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    I ordered mine from CDW late last week for $45. At the time the lead time was 1-3 days. Arriving tomorrow. Now it looks like they are quoting 4-6 days.
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    anymore feedback on this puppy?
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    I bought a SonyEricsson HBH-660 as well after using the Logitech for a while. I've been using both for a couple of days now and the Logitech is going back. In my experience, its just too slow to connect. Its definately easier to put on than the 660, but it will just take a little more time to get the drill down with the 660. The 660 is virtually instant. In my experience, the Logitech can also get a good bit of static at times. For instance, if the headset is on my left ear and the 650 is in the holster on the right side, I get static with a reasonable frequency. Don't have that issue with the 660. I also find the volume a little better on the 660, although still not what I'd like. I think someone mentioned adding a Jabra ear piece to it which I'll try. BTW, I wear glasses and both were comfortable.
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    seems like the 660 is the new favorite. the long delay someone else mentioned on the logitech would get annoying. thanks alot for the update.
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    I have the same headset and totally agree with the review. He is having the same exact experience I am having after using it for two days. I do wish it could be a notch louder, but remember this is not a headset that goes into the ear like the ear gels on a jabra it is a soft sponge more like music headphones.

    I too had a heck of a time finding the charging hole. I thought I was going crazy.

    My only wish besides it being a littler louder (try hitting the mute key that works sometimes) is that it would be easier to get on over the ear. I am sure with a little practise that will get easier.

    I also like that the blue led is somewhat muted. And it blinks every 10-12 seconds not 3-4 seconds.

    I had ordered the Jabra 250 but then saw a guy walking around with one in a resturant and said no way. That thing is huge and the blue led is screaming look at me! I cancelled my order the next day and went with the logitech.

    I have not really tried a distance test. I did have my phone in a cargo pocket in my pants and had some static, but I was at home under a powerline and I have a wi-fi network. While I was in the car I had the phone in a cup holder to my right and the headset on my left ear and I could hear fine and so could the three different people I talked to.

    The phone usually has to ring 2-4 seconds before the headset reacts and starts to ring, but that is not a problem for me. It is not instantaneous but still works fine. Have no idea how long you can stretch the actual talk time.
    Grace & Peace,

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    I used the Logitech last week at a customer site. I left Sunday afternoon on a full charge. I didn't bring the charger. I used it all week without recharging. It died on Friday afternoon.

    I used it in a server room. The person on the other end could hear me fine.. I had a little trouble hearing them unless I use the mute/unmute fix.

    I noticed that the volume somtimes is reset to a lower level. I had to turn it up a few times.

    The pairing was pretty quick for me. I didn't have too much trouble with delay using the logitech. It has worked well. No one I talked to could tell I was on a wireless headset.

    I just wish it stuck in my ear a little bit to block out some background noise.

    Does the 660 block out more background noise?
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    My experience between the Logitech and the 660 has the voice quality and background noise about the same. People on the other end of the connection have said they can't hear a difference with the exception that I get static more often with the Logitech.

    As I've said, my main issue with the Logitech is the connect time. Many times, the caller answers before the transfer is made to the Logitech which is fustrating for both ends. If that was corrected, I'd definately keep the Logitech, especially since its about half the price of the 660 and probably has a little better battery life. For me, the caller ID LCD on the 660 is ok, but in my opinion not very useful. I do like it because I get a little more feedback to see what mode the unit is in without having to remember the table that Logitech has in their manual about the number of flashes for the button for the different functions.
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    these are back in stock on now for only $39.98, free shipping, sales tax for ca . . .

    i still think the sony hbh-660 will probably perform better. i'm still not sure how i'll like walking around with a thing on my ear talking to myself. for 40 bucks, it will be a cheap experiment.
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    finally got my logitech bt headseat. so far so good. clear calls and it's smaller than i thought. i'm not experiencing any disruptive lags others mentioned so far. i also like how it's all black instead of a flashy silver. great price too at $43. i won't feel so bad when i lose it!
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    I am still liking mine. Everyonce in awhile I get a little cracking sound but it is rare.
    Grace & Peace,

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    While looking at different bluetooth headsets (for an eventual Treo 650), it seemed that the Logitech was the only one that advertised use with both cellphones and bluetooth-equipped computers (e.g. for Skype). Is that true? Or will all bluetooth headsets work with a computer as well?
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    Does the Mobile Freedom with Treo 650 support both Headset and Handsfree profiles? In other words, if a call comes in, does it transfer automatically to the headset, or do you have to answer it on the Treo and then press the button on the headset?
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    You can answer it on the headset.
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    still trying to figure mine out w/out having to go back to read the manual. it appears that i always have to answer with the headset if i have bluetooth turned on on my treo.

    for incoming calls: the phone rings than about a second later, a little song plays in my headset. i just need to click on the button on the headset to answer the call.

    for outgoing calls: the headset takes over once i hit the phone or dial button on my treo.

    performance so far . . . it's great in the car and when i'm at the grocery store w/my toddler. when i'm walking around the city (san francisco) i get random amounts of static. in these situations, its awkward to turn bluetooth off to switch off the headset in the middle of a call. for $43 i'm happy with it. if a static free miracle headset were available for $100, i'd get one but for now, the logitech headset is great for the car and grocery store.

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