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    I will be waiting till January for my GSM Treo 650 order below

    I have ordered a 1Gb memory card. I know that the T3 had some problems with cards > 256Mb. Please can someone confirm that the 650 will be fine with 1Gb??? Experience?

    Thanks in advance Duncan
    Order 4BR0-6158-1388
    Order Placed: 30/11/2004 16:09:33 London UK Time
    Customer: DJS Slater
    Main Status: Not Processed
    Explanation: Your order will be processed soon. Our order processing team work 8am - 6pm weekdays.

    Remaining to be shipped:
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    1GB Secure Digital Card 1 1 In Stock Now
    Treo 650 2 2 Pre-order Now
    Treo 650 Headphones 1 1 In Stock Now
    Treo 650 Standard Battery 1 1 Pre-order Now
    Treo 650 Stylus 3-Pack 1 1 Pre-order Now
    Vodafone Anytime 200 1 1 In Stock Now
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    Duncan, I use a Lexar 32x 1 GB card in my 650 and have not had any issues.
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    1GB sandisk ultra II working great.
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    Based on the processor and the amount of reading/writing, isn't the ultra II overkill on the 650? Just asking. The regular sandisk reads/writes between 2-3 meg per second and the Ultra around 8-9 per second.. Can the treo even throughput more that 2-3 per second?
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    I have regular sandisk 1gb and works gr8
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    Where did you find the SAndisk 1GB Ultra II? I couldn't find it anyplace... settled for a different brand which should be fine, but it's the fast one at least... How much did u pay?
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    i have the 512 meg sandisk ultra, also no problems
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    Would love to see some benchmarks that show the difference (if any) between standard cards and the Ultra II cards.
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    I would think it only makes a difference if you are using an external card reader/writer to put mp3 or video files onto the card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pertinax
    Would love to see some benchmarks that show the difference (if any) between standard cards and the Ultra II cards.
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    1GB works fine.... will 2GB work is the big question.... I hope so....
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    just a friendly 'shopper's tip', but it's generally best not to order something like an SD card more than a month in advance. The prices have been falling very steadily for a long time. better to reap the benefits of the lower price they'll be at in a month when you'll actually be able to put it to use.

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    Hrm... this page of results does not show the test result of a 1GB Ultra II SD Card. The 512MB seems to be up there...twice, with very different results. What Gives? Perhaps that is a typo? How Could the lexar 32X be faster when the SD Ultra II is rated at 66X read and 60X Write?
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    1GB Lexar works great. Plus I do copy mp3 files, etc. to it using a Sandisk reader/writer with no problems at all. One thing to keep in mind, the Treo will write some files on the SD card (Palm directory usually). Do not delete those files.
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    Doh ... I waited all week for my 1 GB Sandisk Ultra II to arrive (via UPS Ground -- bad move). But today it finally arrived!

    Second bad move: Don't mistakenly order the Compact Flash version.

    User error.
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    KingMax 1Gb MMC. Works great.
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    1GB Sandisk here as well. I have noticed that my 650 will "turn on" by itself from time to time. When it does, it's always at the "Card" screen you'd normally get to by hitting home and selecting "Card" from the drop down list. Can anyone comment on this?

    BTW, it only happens if I have the card in the slot (though I've never tried it with any other cards). It never happens if the slot is empty or the "fake card" is installed.
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    The regular Lexar 1 GB SD card is now $53.00 at with mail in rebate. Only 85 left.

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