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    I have been able to transfer some pictures from my treo to my SD card, but I have no idea how to view them on the treo. I have a card reader on my pc but that defeats the purpose of keeping them on the phone. Do I need to download a program? It seemed pretty simple to move the pictures from the treo to the card but where did they go? Thanks for any help.
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    I use RescoView mostly. You can also use Blazer, if they are Jpegs.
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    RescoView??? Thanks for the help but you are losing me. I have just moved the pictures I took with my treo to my sd card. I would like to keep them handy and free up the memory on my unit. If Rescoview will work where can I find it. Is it freeware? I don't want to sound cheap but I think the treo should be able to do this. All I want to do is utilize the large memory on my sd card to store and view the pictures I take with out cloging up my unit. I can't be the only person with this delema. Shneor Thanks again for your help.
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    Mike, create a new folder in your SD card titled "DCIM" and drag your picture files into that folder. Then when you insert the card into your treo 650, it should be able to recognize them. So far its been able to recognize bitmaps and jpegs on my phone, havent tried gifs or png's yet. Hope this helps.
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    If you have a 600, you can still use the native camera app to view images you transferred from memory to card. There is a drop down list on the upper right corner, select the name of the card and you will see the images that you transferred. At least this is how I understand your question. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the help. I was able to move all of my pictures to my card with the "move" icon on the drop down menu in the camera mode. I then selected "card" from the drop down in the upper right hand corner in camera mode and viewed my pictures that way. Which was pretty easy. My big problem was when I first "moved" the pictures to the card I went to the applications mode (the house button) to look for a folder on the card with the pictures and there was none. All I needed to do was check what was on the card in the camera mode. I hope that made sense. Looking back I was pretty stupid for not figuring it out sooner. I am usually not that bad. But thanks again for all the replys.

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