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    Right now we are even giving all Palm/Handspring users a chance to win free software (45 copies of software to be given out so far):
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    Free Software? Randomly picked by YOU? What's random about that?

    Why are you trying to drive traffic off of Yahoo and VisorCentral to your site? Do you make money off the traffic with advertisements?

    Also, If Handspring GAVE you a Visor for starting this group, that's fine. However, if you flaunt it in front of these people, they may bomb your little site. (I won't, I don't have time to)
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    I don't understand what you are trying to say here? Why do you think I would like to drive traffic to my site? I drive traffic to my site so more people can see what I have to offer. I do make some money from my sites, but it is just enough to pay for the site hosting, software, etc. It is a hobby, and nothing more.
    Also, yes Handspring gave me a free visor for supporting their product, but that is not why I created my site. I have been around (online as previously) for over a year. I was truely surprised when I recieved my visor yesterday, and simply wanted to share that with my users.
    If you don't want to participate in my software giveaway, then don't, but I don't see why you have to think of it in a negative manner.
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    FYI, Using Netscape 4.05, I just get blank white pages for your links...this must work for others, since I can't imagine Media would be upset by a couple of blank pages!

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