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    It's the darn 1-2 second delay after selecting the contact you wish to dial. The screen just goes completely blank for 1-2 seconds. I've never owned a cellphone with this kind of delay (I've upgraded from treo300 to treo600, and now treo650).

    This is my single BIGGEST complaint with the treo650. Hopefully Palm/Sprint fixes this issue soon...

    my 2 cents
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    Quote Originally Posted by MobileGuy
    Yes, a little empirical data would help here. The real test should be to record the time between pressing the contact and when the call is connected. It should be repeated several times in each case, at the same general time of day, and calling the same number. The results would help distinguish between a real delay and a perceived delay due to what the Treo is displaying on the screen.

    I did perform several test with my 650 against a standard samsung phone,
    This is what I found. In my testing I called a third phone that was off so my calls would go straight to voicemail. I would hold both phones and push the talk buttons at the same time.

    Calls placed by typing the #'s - Both phones connected at the exact same time.

    Calls placed from Phone Book - 650 connects approximately 1 sec later.

    Calls placed from recent call list - Both phones connect at the exact same time.

    The only call effected by the 650 is the one from contacts this is because of the NVFS system and cannot be "fixed". What happens is, the 650 closes the "contact app" and has to "backup" before switching to the "phone" app. That is the reason for the slight delay.

    When calling from 2 phones so you can actually see the difference, I found the delay to be extremely minimal and has virtually no effect on the useability of the 650.
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    P1 should just add to the firmware upgrade (assuming there will be one for a variety of issues) a little page that pops up after you select a contact to dial that shows the numbers being dialed. This would probably make everyone happy since this is more a perception issue (even though there is a real 1 - 2 second delay) than a functional issue.
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    On my ANCIENT Kyocera 6035 if I selected a number from the address/contact application and pressed the phone button/green button their was almost no delay before the dial tone could be heard and the dialing would start.
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