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    Sorry you don't like my poll pedro.
    I left out the 0 returns line because I didn't deem it necessary. I wanted the poll to be a guestimate on how many returns etc. We're limited by the polling software the board provides so I couldn't do it like I wanted too.
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    i've replaced two units so far, the third could go at any time, i've been unable to determine any action that is causing this.
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    I'm also on my 3rd unit. First(last week) for my P key getting soft till it stuck down. Second time (today) for my entire keyboard being dead. The headset jack was also bad on the second unit together with 2 stuck pixels.
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    You guys are seem brutal with your keyboards. Well, maybe I don't type enough on mine, mainly coz I can't type with my thumbs. I end up envoking the screen keyboard and using a stylus instead. That numlock stinks on the T650. It fails in many applications, but always works in Docs to Go.
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    i honestly haven't used it all that much which is why this is so dissapointing. The first treo was fine until the P key lost it's click spontaneously, the second one went dead slowly over a few days, this third feels like it's dieing as well with very little use.

    i keep getting them replaced at the same store, maybe i'm stick in a bad batch or something.
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    I've had my 650 for about 2.5 weeks and am having the same pppppppproblem!!!!

    All I have to do it lightly graze the p and it types and somtimes repeats ...

    Backspace and O also frequently give me a P
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    Add me to the list of people with "p" "o" and backspace button issues. I'm on my third 650 unit, and ALL THREE have had this issue. The buttons on mine have not been "stuck," but have been extremely soft (little to no "click" like the other buttons) and have gotten much softer with continued use. I have no doubt the buttons would eventually get stuck down. The flawed buttons are a tiny bit recessed into the keyboard. It's extremely irritating to the touch and causes many typing errors. It kills me, but I'm going to return this third unit as well, this time for a full refund. The keyboard on this thing is just not solid. Even the "g" and "l" keys are starting to have the same problem.
    Hopefully they will fix this issue in later units. I'd be happy (thrilled) to buy another if they do...I really love the 650 otherwise! If your unit works, great. If not, let palmone know about it. I would like to see them address the issue.
    P.S. I'm not a "power user" and, frankly, don't even use the keyboard that much. Also, I'm not generally a nit picky person. I really want to love this device.
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    Sheesh, and I thought I just had a weird problem...p key is squishy on mine, too. I would assume sprint is pretty aware of this by now, right? Is it harder to get an in-store exchange? I'd hate to have to eat the price of a second one in a month by doing a mail-in exchange!
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    I'm on my 4th treo from P key problems. Actually, last time my 5 way stopped working. Each of these phones was used LIGHTLY for ONE week.
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    Add me to the list. Sprint replaced it with no questions asked. They even told me they were giving me a refurbished 650 as a replacement, but after typing in ##786, it shows that they did in fact give me a new one.
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    It seems to me that a lot of carrying cases can harm the keyboard. All sorts of oils come from those leathers, and those oils are insulators. Also the cases press continuously against the keyboards. If you are going to use a case make sure there is play...a gap.

    I just put the phone in my pocket.

    By the way I hate the smell of leather, are there ballistic nylon cases out there? Not neoprene, not leather, not rigid ones (I lost my Treo 300's paint to a rigid case)
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