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    Quote Originally Posted by deanzsyclone
    Still not seeing a value to this hack/mod. So ok it's cool we can make our phone do something it was not originaly sent out to do but if I can get my t650 to surf via Bluetooth at high speed over my network, why would I choose to do this over simply walking over to my 22" monitor and surfing it instead of my little treo screen? Heck if I'm doing this via bluetooth then I'm only a couple of feet away from my lightning fast PC, what's the point here? Please help me understand.

    The advanatge for me is the bandwidth rates here(Canada) are ridiculous

    $25 3 MB
    $40 7 MB
    $60 15 MB
    $100 100 MB

    **These dont include the overage rates....we do not have unlimited on my network Rogers.

    **I have things setup so my mail is checked every 30 minutes and I work from home but hate sitting in the office all day, so if I am downstairs my mail is still being checked and I know about it...if I leave my place and my Treo attempts to grab e-mail it will first try the Bluetooth connection and if that isnt available I have it set to *Fallback* on my Rogers connection, in the end this saves me money and eats less of the bandwidth i pay for because when I am within range of my bluetooth it will use it and only use my pay connection if it has too...

    *I also use Handmark Express and find it more cost efficient to download updates for weather, news and stocks and have them on my Treo than using my pay connection...instead of paying for a call to 411 for a number I use Express 411 and my bluetooth and when it finds what I am looking for I add it too my contacts.

    If I had unlimited downloads for $40-50 like they do with Cingular and other services I wouldnt have to cheap out but we pay dearly and this seems like a good way for me to save from gettting overcharged...I have excellent range in my place and can be downstairs in the kitchen and living room sharing my adsl connection and saving money in the process...if it's free I might as well use it.

    I rarely use my Treo to pc's are for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    So when I get to work I go in to Network preferences and switch to my bluetooth reverse DUN, then switch back to GPRS when I leave the building.
    I think your probably aware you can set your bluetooth connection to "Fallback" under *Details*, this way you dont have to do no switching when you leave the building it attempts to make the connection and if it fails it will use the Fallback connection which you have set to GPRS under "details"
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    Quote Originally Posted by timexx8
    I think your probably aware you can set your bluetooth connection to "Fallback" under *Details*, this way you dont have to do no switching when you leave the building it attempts to make the connection and if it fails it will use the Fallback connection which you have set to GPRS under "details"
    Yes, I have it set that way sometims. But when I'm walking to the car I have nothing better to do anway so I just switch it . And that way I don't have to deal with it trying, timing out, finally failing, then kicking in GPRS.
    It's quick enough to open up SnapperMail, Menu, then network setting.
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    I have unlocked GSM....I installed pSSH and manually put a DNS server instead of get it from DHCP (since if get from DHCP, it doesn't work at all)...anyway, I can use the Blazer to browse internet...BUT it requires me to have the phone radio turned on!! Is it normal? I'm afraid that I'll use my carrier's data connection than my BT one....

    The 'Internet' profile in the 'network' is it a profile that connects me to the carrier's data network?? I'm with Rogers in Canada and the data service is crazy high in I want to find the way not to use it.

    So if I can have BT reverse DUN connection and be able to connect via SSH with the phone OFF, how can I know if I browse in blazer with phone ON will connect me via BT ONLY or to the Carrier's data service??
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    Quote Originally Posted by timexx8
    I think your probably aware you can set your bluetooth connection to "Fallback" under *Details*, this way you dont have to do no switching when you leave the building it attempts to make the connection and if it fails it will use the Fallback connection which you have set to GPRS under "details"
    Where is this "details" screen to set "fallback," specifically? Only on the GPRS Treo? I've looked all over and can't find it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by techjunkie
    Has anyone with a Mac gotten Reverse DUN to work with Missing Sync? It's too expensive for me to buy.
    Yeah, I got it to work. (I'm using Missing Sync.) Great app - much better than the native Palm HotSync architecture. And reverse-DUN works like a charm. I got a LinkSys USB BT dongle, and range is excellent.
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    Reverse DUN is awesome. I got my Linksys USB Bluetooth dongle yesterday, got BT synching working, then tried to enable Internet Connection Sharing. Setting it up the first time literally fried Windows Networking - I spent an hour trying to get my ethernet connection working again (disabled connection sharing and it didn't help - some driver or registry setting had self-destructed). I had to restore to a system restore point, the first time that feature has ever come in handy with Win XP.

    So after doing a System Restore to right before I installed the BT drivers, re-installing the BT drivers, and trying Internet Connection Sharing a second time, it miraculously worked. And WOW is it fast!!! I assumed it would only work for a few feet, but the range is almost as good as the WiFi range in my apartment, I can use it in my bathroom, in the hallway, in the kitchen, though not quite in the living room (all the way on the other side of my apartment).

    Working WiFi drivers would certainly be nice, but for now, this is a great solution for high speed internet within my apartment. DSLReports Mobile Speed Test (200k) at ~300 kbps.
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    I switched to Linksys BT100 (after unpleasant experiences w/ D-Link and Belkin) and the range on this is far better than the others. The BT range goes from the master bedroom all the way to the kitchen, which is on the opposite end of the house. I saw a range extender mod on this forum sometime ago that I'd like to try this weekend. It supposedly extends the range up to a mile. :-)
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    Hi all, I followed paesano's instructions to the letter, and I have made a successful connection, but I can't access the Internet at all because ZoneAlarm on my desktop is blocking access! Now, of course that's what it's supposed to do, but I can't figure out how to configure it to allow reverse DUN connections. Even when I shut down ZA, it still won't connect (or more accurately, it connects but is blocked). Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.


    p.s. one little tip I can pass along: after you configure the COM port on your PC, you have to log on through the account you created the port in. Perhaps it works differently, but I've only been able to connect through the same user account.
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    Has anyone successfully done this using a network bridge in XP SP2?
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    OK so I finally got this working on my Treo. Am I correct in understanding that Blazer will NOT work because it relies on a proxy? I went into the phone's data screen, and removed the primary and secondary NGG, set both ports to 0. I then went into Blazer, and tried to enter a public proxy. It wouldn't connect - kept saying it couldn't use the proxy server.

    Has anyone successfully set this up using Blazer? Do you have to enter IP addresses, DNS settings, etc?

    And where can I get this "hacked" version of Web Pro to try?

    I would hate to think I went to all this trouble just to be unable to connect to the internet!!

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    gator, Blazer works over BT. I only had to clear the HA fields (need MSL code), IIRC. Not sure you needed to do as much as you did.
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    I followed all the steps and had it working with my Mac the other day, but now when I try to connect, it get the cannot connect to ppp message. Any help?
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    Ok guys. Even though I have a router at home, I got everything working at home with my laptop. I can listen to shoutcast, check mail, browse with Blazer using a proxy, access Win-Hand.

    NOW, when i bring my laptop to work (same setup), i can see my T650 connecting to the laptop, but i can't access anything. Is there something setup at my company that will prevent this? How can I find out or get around this?

    Your help will be appreciated! I have Sprint PCS Treo 650 connecting to Windows XP (not SP2) using Kensington 33085 USB dongle.
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    maddog, are you using the same network interface to connect your laptop to the network? I have wifi at home, but sometimes I use the wired RJ45 to connect at work. I have internet connection sharing only enabled on my wireless interface. So at work, when the wired interface is being used on the laptop, obviously the Treo can't connect to remote addresses via reverse DUN.

    - Sid Vajirkar
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    actually at home i use a wired connection, because my wireless connection would not bridge with the bluetooth network adapter. thats another problem i have to figure out.

    but yes i'm using the same network slot for at home and at work. but at work, i cannot connect to internet, however, i can connect to the laptop itself.
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    Sorry for this message but I think I have gotten confused with too much information in this thread. I am a Mac user and as I understand things the following connections/network options are available on my new Sprint T650...

    Working for me now...
    T650 Internet access via PCS Vision
    Mac Internet access via T650 w/ reverse DUN
    T650 HotSync via USB

    Not Working or I am confused
    T650 Hot Sync w/ bluetooth (get port in use error)
    T650 Internet access using Mac w/ bluetooth (DUN?)
    T650 Internet access via WIFI (using Mac or Other WIFI access point)

    Not sure if the last one is possible, but reading this thread I got the impression that it is and so have been trying both bluetooth and WIFI without any success. I know buried in this thread someone has posted instructions for the three connections I can't seem to get working. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Hey I don't post much myself but I do a lot of reading here and on other sites. I've been trying to get this damn Blazer to work using VPN and all kind of setups that others have advised. After hours of reading how others have gotten their connections to work, I came across a post from treojunkie and once you've set this up just go to a "Free Proxies" web site and enter the proxy in Blazer's Advanced settings. I used several with port 80 then I tried one with port 8080 and it worked.

    Good Luck
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    OK - I've got a Unlocked GSM, and have tried both methods bescribed in this tread.

    When trying Techdudes method I was stucked at the "Signing on"...

    Treojunkies method gets me connected to my WinXP Pro SP2 laptop via bluetooth, but from there I get the DNS-error. All advises in this tread are checked out but for no avail.

    Does Reverse DUN work for everybody except me?
    Are you all able to surf the net using AvantGo, Blazer, getting E-mails using VersaMail....?

    I'm probably not "wise enough" to deal with this problem
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    Hi all,
    Dunno if anyone is interested but wanted to report that it works great under Linux too. I am using Mandrake 10.1 Official on a Dell Latitude X300 with built in BT . Works great with my unlocked GSM, though i use it mainly for hotsyncing with kpilot/kontact.
    - Ankur.

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