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    I just had someone explain to me what this is...and said that someone needs to invent a portable bluetooth wireless ethernet router, so you'd not need a computer...whatever that means. I am amazed at you smart people!
    *bows humbly*

    Added: ok, blonde this what he was talking about?
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    I think this is what you're looking for. Not sure how well it works with a Treo though.
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    After all this time, I finally got this to work using a Linksys USBBT100 adapter. It screams! Really cool use of bluetooth. BTW, for those looking for a proxy to use, try - this is actually a Sprint proxy server. WARNING - It is a transparent proxy server, so unless you are using your Treo behind a router, don't use Blazer for anything confidential!

    Have fun...
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    has anyone managed to get reverse dun to work with a AmbiCom usb Bluetooth adapter? model # BT2000C-USB I've managed to get hotsync, and regular dun working with the AmbiCom adapter... but no luck with reverse dun

    *edit* disregard... I managed to get reverse dun working by bypassing my router... so the adapter works fine... now if anyone has any tips on how to get things working from behind the router I'd appreciate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GatorFan
    After all this time, I finally got this to work using a Linksys USBBT100 adapter. It screams! Really cool use of bluetooth. BTW, for those looking for a proxy to use, try - this is actually a Sprint proxy server. WARNING - It is a transparent proxy server, so unless you are using your Treo behind a router, don't use Blazer for anything confidential!

    Have fun...
    Thank you, GatorFan! That proxy was the last missing piece in getting web browser access via my Belkin BlueTooth access point. Mail was working fine, but Blazer was going nowhere without the proxy.

    Thanks again!

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    i'm confused. under many of hte links it says set connection type to PPP. I don't see connection type anything like that in details --> advanced under network prefs
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    nevermind. The solution is to go into network access configeration and make sure to CHANGE it to connect to LAN/Internet as opposed to the default setting which tries to network the Treo or something
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    Anyone get this working with Verizon? When I go to connections (on the treo 650) it says it is locked and wont let me add any additional connections.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paesano
    Yes. Here's how I did it. It's kinda long, and I got bored toward the end. Hope it helps, anyway. It works for me!

    In Windows...
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. finally working on my belkin usb bluetooth radio and sprint phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by airjoe
    Struggled a little with my Zonealarm firewall, but disabled that and I was in business. Anyone get the BT connection to work "through" the firewall? I tried enabling access to the bluetooth devices, but no luck... Thanks.
    Yes - add your Treo ( or whatever its IP is for you) to the Trusted Zone. Then create some expert rules to allow Treo to connect through the firewall. I did this by trial and error, looking at the ZA alerts and logs to see which services to allow.

    In ZA go to Firewall, click on the expert tab, and then Add. For source use the Trusted Zone (where your Treo now resides) or specify its IP address
    * To get the fundamental DNS working, set destination to "any" (or your ISP DNS server); modify [add] destination protocol and add the DNS port, which is 53.
    * for Internet access, set destination to "any"; for protocol use the HTTP port, which is 80.
    * for email access, you can use any destination with protocols POP3 (port 110) and SMTP (port 25), or look at the logs to identify your mail servers' IP addresses and use these as the destination.

    If you have problems getting things to work, try looking at your ZA logs, which will tell you which IP addresses and ports have been recently blocked... this will tell you what the Treo BT was trying and what you need to enable. (Note - minimize general PC-based surfing and other firewall-crossing stuff while doing the ZA BT setup, since this will make it harder to figure out what is coming from the Treo)

    Of course, before doing the ZA setup, it's best to check that Treo BTrDUN Internet access works when ZA is turned off, in case any problems are due to a different part of your configuration.

    It's not clear if you can set up expert rules with the free version of Zone Alarm; they can be configured in the ZA security suite.
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    I managed to get BTrDUN working in WinXP, though it took some fiddling. Though I'm not sure exactly how or why it eventually worked, a couple of the key steps seemed to be:

    * getting rid of the MSFT BT drivers (updated with IBM drivers for my integrated BT: far more configurable)
    * followed [more-or-less] Treojunkie's instructions from the first page of this thread
    * klutzed around setting up the bluetooth network adapter and ICS per Treojunkie's instructions
    * disabling my (already disconnected) LAN connection

    The last step seemed to be key. I had three network connections - wireless (in use), ethernet (disconnected) and BT. For some reason the BT connection didn't appear as an option when setting up ICS for the wireless connection, though the ethernet LAN did. After fiddling with a bunch of stuff I finally disabled the ethernet connection, and the BT Internet share suddenly worked... perhaps ICS looks for ethernet options before allowing BT to share.
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    I'm sure I am missing something in this thread, but has anyone been able to connect to a Bluetooth wireless access point with a VZW 650? If so, do I need a hack or Shadowmite's DUN fix? I don't care about hot syncing, so I do not need to connect to my computer. I would like to be able to get Internet access on the 650 from around the house at a speed that makes use of Blazer tolerable. I'll get the Belkin Bluetooth WAP if it this is possible.
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    Fought with the firewall a bit and then the proxy server i installed. I have my proxy server working and i can connect via blazer. I have a better respect for sprints network, seeing that blazer is more of a bottleneck than i thought. Are there any free web browsers that work well and are faster than blazer. Now i am working on getting VPN to work (DNS error). FTR, my belkin blue tooth (100m) works ok, it is in the basement, i can connect from my backyard. I think some of the drivers are different, that is why some of our internet shares were different.
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    After getting the Xp SP2 friendly drivers/install from Linksys' site (THANKS A MILLION GHWIN aka Megaman) and Checkmates link I can do the following


    Ping My PC

    Ping my Soundbridge

    Use Pocket Tunes to stream stuff that was way to fast with Sprint as the ISP.

    I can play Pocket Tunes and check Chatter email too.


    I just can't use Blazer yet, I want to use Blazer to access the Soundbriges internal web page so I can control it remotely, heck the Photobridge too.

    Thansk for the help so far, Matt
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    You guys should try Xiino if you're having problems with Blazer. It's generally better than Blazer when it comes to's only downfall is that it doesn't render pages quite as well for the Treo. The reason Blazer kicks so much but is because it looks so good once it's finished downloading.

    My only problem with Blazer is how it doesn't really cache web whenever you hit back, it takes FOREVER. Xiino is instantaneous!
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    One thing about Blazer on Reverse DUN.

    On one occasion, I did a hard reset of my Treo (unlocked GSM version with the original firmware) and I specified during the installation for it NOT to get the latest updates from the web (I erased the backup and install folders from my palm folder on the PC).
    And to my surprise, Blazer worked just fine using Reverse DUN.

    Since I installed the firmware upgrade (FW1.23) I lost that feature again. As soon as I get into Blazer it disconnects the bluetooth connection and enters GPRS. But this shows that there is a setting somewhere that enables or disables this. I'm not good enough to play around with settings, but probably someone out there can find it.
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    most of these replies are dealing with issues i have finally worked around (i have it working the original way, finally). here is what i did:
    i was not getting the bluetooth drop down in connection sharing. my dumb a-- finally read the SP2 info on the manufacturers website. windows is assuming control of the device, i had to force it to use the manufacturers driver (as stated several posts ago). that was not it however. i also had to configure the bluetooth network access service (in advanced settings of bluetooth on the pc) to access my LAN/internet, not a personal network.

    after changing those 2 things it is working fine.
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    How do I setup the bluetoth network adapter on my computer?

    Quote Originally Posted by treojunkie
    No, the DUN hack was for going the other direction (using treo as modem). In this scenario, the bluetooth access point (laptop, desktop, etc) is the modem.

    Instructions (from windows xp, "classic view"):
    Start->Control Panel
    Network Connections
    Select the connection you wish to share (ie, the broadband connection)
    Advanced Tab
    Allow other network users to connect through this...
    Select the bluetooth network adapter (this must be set up through bluetooth software)

    * If all goes well here, it should enable it and your icon for "local area connection" will look slightly different. Otherwise, it will throw errors at you. One thing to watch out for- it wants to be to do the NAT for the private bt network. I already have a defined on my home network, so that was an issue.

    Instructions (from treo):

    Go into prefs
    Click Connection (Under Other)
    Connect to: [Local Network]
    Via: [Bluetooth]
    Device: [browse for the device]
    Click Network (Under Communication)
    Connection: [Select name of bt connection created]
    Connect (to test it)

    Now, you can switch between services (new dun service and sprint vision), so make sure you switch back when you don't want to use bluetooth anymore.

    Launching a network-enabled app, it may say "turning on phone". Just hit cancel if you don't want it to. Then it will try to initialize connection and establish it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by askcpa
    How do I setup the bluetoth network adapter on my computer?
    define what aspect you ar setting up- the actual radio, the drivers, or the network access service?
    what os do you have? what service pack?
    what brand bluetooth adaper?

    i found that once i setup my bluetooth adapter correctly for XP SP2 setup was a breeze.
    on mine i had to select "allow other devices to access the Internet/LAN via this computer" in the network access service properties for the bluetooth adapter.
    i shared my internet connection per the instructions and it worked.

    i always turn off the windows firewall when i am changing things like that so i know that is not my hang up. once i get it working it re-enable it and see if there are any more issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin922
    Haven't done the research, but has anyone sucessfully used the 650 in this manner to make calls via a VoIP provider? I don't know if it is even possible (software wise) but an interesting usage.
    Should be possible. As you suggest, the problem is software. I am not aware of softphone software for the Palm OS. There is a softphone for the Pocket PC OS. The next generation of cell phones will have he ability to use WiFi or cellular interchangeably.

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