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    When I first heard about the memory issues with the Treo 650, i was a bit miffed. You always assume when you buy a new product in a line of products that it will come with better specs across the board. To see it come with less memory and to then see that memory run less efficiently is a let down.

    But I didn't want this memory issue to hold me back from some of the other benefits of the 650 over my 600. So I decided to do a little empirical study of my own to see how much memory I could free up on my 600.

    I had 6mb of free memory before I started. Here's what I did:

    I used Dataviz's move tool to move the brunt of my Documents to Go 7 install over to the card. This worked.

    I used PowerRun to move a bunch of apps over to the card and then proceeded to try and run them. Everyone seems to be happy. And by eveyone I mean:
    the Dataviz Tech tool (decided to leave it vs delete- although I don't know why...)
    Express (with the concession that it will not auto update now)
    Inbox to Go
    PortableKB (driver for my portable keyboard)
    Pocket Tunes
    Snap Calc

    The only thing I left on the internal memory was:
    BackupMan (so it can do its auto scheduled backups)
    Snapper (so it can auto fetch)

    I went from 6mb free to 17.5mb free. Not bad.

    Now granted there's still a lot of crap that has to stay in internal memory that I can't move. In addition, I'm taking a small performance hit having to load these programs from the card. So its a mixed bag in my eyes. I'm sure some of these programs could have been installed directly on the card originally, but honestly, I was too lazy to redo them and just let PowerRun do the work for me.

    So if you don't mind the minor performance hit, the shelling out of $15 for PowerRun and spending some time getting things moved, it appears to be a viable solution for us 'power users'.

    For me, as much as I love being an early adopter, my 600 meets most of my needs and I've been able to adopt a wait and see attitude on the 650. I'm not too thrilled that I HAVE to use 3rd party software and a memory trick to get this new device to be what is should have been on its own. But I think I've provided the walk to backup my talk now.
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    I went over to the Sprint Store by work and got a Treo 650 today. After loading all my apps and invoking all of the expansion card tools (documents to go and express have their own- everyone else uses PowerRun), I have 14.5 MB of free memory left.

    Currently I left Snapper and Express's main program in memory. Part of documents to go had to stay there too.

    So not too bad. I staredt out with a T600 with 6mb of ram and thru some fancy footwork have ended up with a T650 with 14.5.
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    Hmmm, very promising results, Jason.

    What is the lag time you're experiencing when you launch an app that's on the SD card?

    Also, are you seeing the delay in dialing that others are complaining about? I'm actually more concerned about this than the memory issue. I will be upgrading from a Treo 300, so I'm not too worried about filling up the RAM right away, although I was looking forward to being able to load many more apps.
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    I haven't made a ton of outgoing calls. But so far, so good. I also keep bluetooth turned off since I'll only be using it to synch with my home pc for now. When I get a BT headset, we'll see.

    Most of the apps loading off the card are pretty small and load within a second or two. Inbox to Go is probably the fatest one at around 2 seconds. I left Snapper and Express on the ram since I had the available space and it runs faster.

    Hey, my brother lives out in Folsom and works for Intel. Everytime I go out there around the holidays, we sit around and watch Kings games!
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    Hey, thanks for the info! Yup, we're all a bunch of cowbell ringing Kings fans around here!

    Folsom, huh? Beautiful area. My wife and I looked at some new homes in the Folsom area. Unfortunately, the decent sized ones are out of our price range. As your brother probably told you, the price of real estate around here has gone insane the past three years.
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    follow Jason's lead and get PowerRun. I'm technology challenged and I was transferring files literally within 2 minutes of going to site. There's a 30-day free trial. I cleared my internal drive.

    The only wish I have is that I could transfer my Phone Log to the SD card. It takes up 4.8 mb!
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    about that phone log. I use a program called Comet ( Its a program that synchs my phone log with my PC. From the PC I can do all sorts of reporting and effectivly offlad the log.

    Now I have my log set on the Treo to delete after 30 days. You can have it set for even less time for more memory savings. Pretty cool.

    Honestly, I've only had the 650 for a few days. I haven't loaded the PC client of Comet to see if its working properly. But I don't see why not...
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    BTW, I tried calling Palm yesterday to get my free 128mb card per their press release last week. They said it wouldn't be available for the next couple of weeks. That sucks.

    I was planning on throwing it in with my 600 when I put it on Ebay. I figure they owe me the 15 dollar card since I spent 15 on PowerRun to fix their problem.

    So the press release last week, while nice reading, really is nothing more than a way to boost their stock price (as I assumed all along).

    Oh yeah, and I AM starting to get that problem where it takes 5-10 seconds to make a call. I'll keep an eye on it and see if I can find any reason for it.

    Lucky for them, the new screen is freaking beautiful. So I'm still fairy pleased with the device.
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    So the press release last week, while nice reading, really is nothing more than a way to boost their stock price (as I assumed all along).

    Actually, you're still assuming that was the reason...
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