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    Yesterday was the first day I've used BT for hotsyncing. For some reason, my battery went down more than I remembered over the weekend. Now, granted I did use my 650 alot more yesterday, but still I was kind of surprised it seemed to drop so fast. Could keeping BT turned on all day have caused increased battery usage? I had BT on, on both the 650 and my desktop PC. When this occurs is it maintaining that connection even when I'm not doing a hotsync? I usually only hotsync a couple of times a day. Today, I've got it turned off on the 650, but left it on, on my PC and I'll see how my battery goes today.
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    Bluetooth usually consumes some power, since it's usually configured to actively look for other Bluetooth devices that might be trying to pair with it. Turning it off will save your battery to some degree.
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    I keep BT on with no problem. There is an option in the Bluetooth menu to 'wakeup' the device when another device wants to communicate. That may drain more power.
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    the wakeup function keeps the radio on while the phone is off, when the screen is off under normal circumstances, then the bt is off completely... when on, the radio is in receive mode- as in it will respond to bluetooth signals from paired devices or from devices that are searching, with discovery off it will only respond to paired devices. i keep it on, i'm not concerned about security because someone who is actively searching with bt near me will be able to tell i have a bt phone but won't be able to connect because the phone pops up asking for a passkey.
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    Try using BatteryGraph. It plots your battery level throughout the day. Nice little app.


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