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    Mods: sorry for botching the title on the first attempt at this thread - could you delete the one that simply says "Treo 7XX" ---

    Now that we've had 10 days to play with our new Treo 650's, it's time to get the suggestion list going for mythical Treo 700. Let's ignore the obvious (256 MB ram; WiFi; EV-DO; etc.) and no cheap shots (e.g. how about a phone that you don't always have to be asking "Can you hear me now?") and focus on design issues that would make the next model even better. Here goes:

    1. Use standard barrel connection AC adapter. You put a converter tip in with the Treo 650 - so why not just use a standard (and sturdier) barrel connector in place of this funky "snapping" connector.

    2. Put the antennae INSIDE the phone where it belong.

    3. Use an OLED full size (320x480, or even VGA) screen which slides up to expose the Treo keyboard. The OLED screen would keep the overall dimensions thin.

    4. Remote control quality IR port.

    5. Program the 5-way button to allow starting over Keyguard with a double push, instead of having to push two keys.

    6. How about a removable flip cover (left to right, or vice versa) for those of us who insist on keeping this puppy in our pants pocket.
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    Better contact management software: this way we don't have to seek out bigger, bulkier third party apps that take up huge amounts of space.
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