I just a Treo 600 off ebay about a month ago. I did not have it activated until now because I had an old phone I had to get rid of first. When I took the phone to the local Bell World they said they could not put the ESN in there system, even though I had the MSL. He eventually tried to enter the Sprint branded ESN into the system and it worked! Finally, I got my phone home and updated the PRL and banner to match Bell to avoid roaming costs. After updating and trying the phone it kept saying "Network Search" and apparently only can make calls while connected to my charger. I finally figured out that this is a known issue. Anyone know what I should do now? Obviously, Bell won't be willing to replace the phone because it was not originally purchased from them. If I contact Sprint will they ship me a new phone even though I won't be using it on their network? If so, will the new one work here? And what about palmOne, they apparently don't deal with Sprint branded phones. Any opinions on what I should do? Thanks.