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    Hi guys,

    I noticed it few weeks ago: my Treo180 use to freeze (displaying some kind of those lovely fatal alerts with reset as result) during receiving sms. at least, I think it is during receiving SMS. It use to be like this:

    - person who sms to me sends me several continuing sms
    - suddenly my treo displays alert (and I usually notice it not immediately, but after some time)
    - then I reset machine.
    - after restart and return to gsm online I use to lost all sms coming from begining of freezing except that first message with what freezing occur - and that first sms is accessible only after syncing Treo and finding it in Backups/SMS Messages (not from phone), and moreover, this sms use to be suddenly interrupted.

    My questions:

    - does anybody have similar problem?
    - does exist internal sms application to reinstall?
    - or maybe there are some third party applications which can be used instead (not together with, like MaxText) classic internal sms application
    - and I wonder, whether this problem can be caused by some third party app in my Treo. However, I did not install new one into my Treo for several months. The only app working on background could be GridLock, maybe I can try to uninstall it...
    - this my Treo machine is my fifth (due to unit replacement caused by standard gsm radio crash) and was replaced two months ago. Can this problem be caused by bad hardware?

    Thanx for your patience...
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    Freezing was probably caused by incoming call generated with telephone with activated CLIR service.

    Recently, however, my friend told me, that she sent me SMS on Sunday, but I did not get it. She was sure, that I got it (she got receive receipt). I found this lost sms after syncing in SMS Messages file in Backups folder, however, not whole - it was suddenly interrupted. I donīt know how it could occur....
    For the world is changing: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air.

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