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    I have done a search but haven't been able to find the patch that fixes the double tap when you push the center button on ZL5. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    so THATS why the camera takes a picture when I launch it from zlauncher

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    Here the link to the latest beta fyi:
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    I hadn't even noticed this quirk, but I'm glad it's reported and probably all but fixed. I actually found this thread because I was searching for information on the "Long press Center button" feature of Zlauncher. I have it set to "Pop up QuickLaunch+ list," but no matter what I set it to, pressing and holding the center takes me to the Alerts page. Do I need to turn off another setting somewhere else to allow Zlauncher to take over that input? Or is this another T600 v. T650 quirk?

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