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    So I want to buy a new cases for my GSM Treo 600 (thinking about the silicon skin one but not sure...), but I am reluctant to do so if it will be useless once the GSM 650 comes out. I keep hearing about minor dimensional changes between 600 and 650. Anyone know whether the cases are different, or does "one size fit all?"

    Thanks! :shortcut:
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    Anyone who has owned both know for sure if the cases are reusable?
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    I don't think so. I have a CDMA 600 and upgraded to a 650. Several connectors are in different places, and there is an extra launcher button on the side of the unit. I have a Piel Frama case, and while I am using it, it is not a perfect fit. I would think the silicone one would have the same issues. If you have a simple sleeve or pocket type case it might work, but i wouldnt count on it.
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    My side mount Covertec case works great. Latch goes over the extra button on the side but till this day hasnt caused me any problems.

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