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    I've ordered a Treo 650 and would like some advice on what mail client to use? I'm confused over the difference between VersaMail, SnapperMail, etc... I just want to retrieve two different IMAP accounts and be able to open attachments. I believe I can do this easily with Versamail? Why would I want to look at buying an additional application like SnapperMail? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Everyone has an opinion but IMO VersaMail is more than adequate to do what you are trying to do. It is free and in many ways better than Snapper. Most of the attachment viewing support comes from installed applications so your mileage will vary as to the type of attachments. I have DocsToGo installed and VersaMail works pretty well getting the data to that app. It is nice the way it sends me back to the same message that the attachment came from. The other mail clients I've used seems to send me out and I have to find my way back.
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    With ChatterEmail, you also get REAL push and background/asynchronous operation, features NOT found with either VersaMail or Snapper.

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    What is the difference/advantages of REAL push email and background/asynchronous operation? Do set VersaMail to retrieve email every couple minutes while ChatterMail grabs it when it hits the server?
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    Why dont you try Aileron by Corsoft Corporation ...

    For more details visit

    James G

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