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    I am going back and forth on upgrading to a Treo 650. My main concern is the memory. I only have ~2MB of free memory on my Treo 600.

    I am trying to figure out how to do a "clean" install to a new Palm device, but keep my old Hot Sync name. Any suggestions?

    Like many others here, I have had many upgrades with my Palm devices starting with my Handspring Deluxe through many device to my current Treo 600. With all those upgrades, I seem to have a lot of "crap" files on my Treo 600.

    If I could figure out a way to do a clean install to a new Palm device, install only the programs and PIIM information that I want. I have no doubt that I would not have any worries about memory space.

    The trick comes to changing this "fresh" Palm device back to using my old Hot Sync name. This is mainly due to many programs utilizing this for work. It would make my life hell if I could not use my current Hot Sync name when syncing my device regularly.

    I appreciate any help my Treo Central friends can offers.

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    On your desktop sofware export your Datebook, Todo, Memo, Address DB... then create a NEW Hotsync ID and IMPORT them.

    Install all your software.
    THEN use this program or one similar NAMECHANGE and I hope it does the trick!!!

    MAKE sure you back up your backup folder on your PC and a backup of your T600. Goodluck.

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    HTH is right. The trick is to NOT to hotsync the Treo 600 preferences to the 650. Export Datebook, Address Book, etc. in Palm Desktop. Move the C:\Program Files\Handspring directory to another name. Reinstall the Palm Desktop. Setup your Treo and hotsync. Import Datebook, Address Book, etc. Reinstall your apps.

    I use LauncherX to keep >90% of my apps and games on my SD card. When I am done re-installing the Treo as mentioned above, I simply insert my SD card and have all my apps and games back. O.K., I lose some of the settings of my apps and/or high scores... big deal. I can always go back to the backup directory ...\Handspring\me\backup to find some of my old apps and settings and copy them back to my new Treo...

    Hope this helps.

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