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    On principal, I have used the Xvid codec since it became available as I have big issues with forking over that much money for the privelege of using a codec, especially if there is a free alternative out there. Having said that, I have read a couple of threads now that indicate that the Xvid codec seems to have more trouble syncing audio and video than the Divx codec does. I have noticed that my Xvid videos seem to suffer from sync problems, but I always assumed it was the ripping software that I was using and not the codec.

    Have others noticed this, and is the Divx codec more reliable in this fashion? Again, I would hate to spend the money, but I will if I need to.
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    I vote for divx
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    i've always had problems with xvid
    with divx, i can have an avi movie ready for treo action in less than a minute of config
    (encoding time not included)
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    I consider myself fairly knowlegeable aboutthis...having used booth w/many configurations for mmplayer on my 600. 1st off... hate divx because free vers comes with spyware that totally screwed up my computer (dont get me started) xvid is awesome if u use the free "pocket divx encoder" that supports xvid. (was created by ppc folks) it has a great option (a must use) that synchs the uad/vid of your movie file. works great. I've long ago posted optimum settings on mmplayer site forum for those who want the best possible encoding for the t600. if u have a 650 u can play w/settings & get evrn better quality.

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