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    Is it possible to upgrade the Visor to newer versions of the Palm OS System Software when they come out?
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    Nope. One of the things you'll notice everyone complain about is the lack of a Flash ROM which would allow you to upgrade the OS. You're stuck with 3.1, or whatever ships on the Visor.

    However, Handspring argues that most major OS updates support new hardware, so you wouldn't need an OS update anyway. That's partly true, but there are other benefits to updating your OS.
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    If you'll remember, previous Palm OS updates installed in RAM anyways. As you said, any major updates are generally accompanied by hardware updates as well.

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    Question...How do I check what version of the Palm OS I have?


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    Wow, kinda surprised that a maven (for those that don't know, maven is the Yiddish word for a person who knows all) would need to ask a question, but it depends on what machine you have. If you have a Visor, good assumption here, you have OS 3.1H. If you have a Palm, and haven't upgraded your OS, you'd have OS 3.0 with a Palm III, OS 3.1 with Palm IIIe, IIIx or V, you'd have OS 3.2 with a Palm VII, or you'd have OS 3.3 with a Palm Vx. Hope this helps.
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    An easy way to check which version of the OS you have installed on your handheld is to select "Info" from the "App" menu in the Application view and then tap "Version" at the bottom of the screen. The version of the OS you are using will be displayed at the top of the screen.

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