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    Pre-ordered my T650 from p1, but it doesn't recognize my SD card. Had to call Sprint for a replacement, which I just got today. I noticed a couple of differences.

    First, the 5-way button and the buttons to its left are not as loose on the Sprint replacement as on the original p1. I can jiggle the whole set of buttons on the Sprint phone just a bit but not on the p1 phone.

    Second, the optics are different (see photos, below). From the back of the phone, the lense on the Sprint phone has a brilliant red sparkel in the middle whereas the p1 phone does not. I don't know much at all about optics, but I assume this is due to a difference in lense coating. Looking through the lense via the LCD, the colors on the Sprint phone look a bit warmer, or it may just be that the colors are more saturated on the Sprint phone than on the p1 phone. The Sprint phone has more contrast, too. More interestingly, the lense on the Sprint phone is more wide-angle than the one on the p1 (things look smaller). Not sure if that's good or bad for me, since I'm keeping the Sprint phone because it recognizes my SD card.

    Has anyone else noticed differences between phones from these two sources?

    Photo from the p1 phone:

    ..and from the Sprint phone:
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    Were you holding the phone in the "exact" position in both shots?

    Personally I find the colors WAY over-saturated on the sprint shot. Oversaturated to the point of losing detail. That could have been the sensor over compensating for the brighter laptop screen...which it seems to have seen more of in the sprint shot.
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    No, I held them side by side.

    Hmmm... I took another set of photos, holding the phones in the exact same position, and there is almost no difference except for the Sprint phone being more wide angle. However, in general, the Sprint phone is more saturated than the p1. Not as pronounced as in my posted photos, however. I also noticed that the Sprint phone takes much sharper close-ups from, say 7 inches away, than the p1 phone.

    BTW, I assume most of the differences are just due to variance in production, e.g., the difference from one lot to another, and not because I got one from p1 and the other from Sprint. Interesting, though, that there would be this much difference.
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