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    I'm about to enter the Visor world and have been reading about the wealth of software available to me. I've seen a lot about "hacks" but never really found anywhere that explains what they are and how they differ from regular software.

    Any answers out there?

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    You need the shareware HackMaster app. The home page for this is

    To get you going, you can find some hacks (with ratings) on

    Some hacks that I suggest looking at are GreenLightHack, MultiClipHack, SwitchHack, TealEcho, MenuHack, MiddleCapsHack, and Fitaly.

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    OK, thanks...I'll check it out.

    But what ARE hacks?
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    OK, the HackMaster site had all the answers, didn't it? I'll check out the necessary recommends you submitted, too.

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    get the 'nostreakhack'. it helps cut down on flicker on certain greyscale applications.


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