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    and already got a ship confirm for delivery tomorrow (tuesday)!!! glad to know the wait isn't 1-2 weeks. hopefully the bt headset i ordered comes in soon too. now if i can decide on a case color combo . . .
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    nice job! I just ordered mine from P1 phone sales, hope it comes this week! no more jabras though I'll just use my old one!

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    got it!!

    so far i'm totally happy. this thing is the ultimate gadget. transferring sprint service was painless. vision service was working within 1/2 an hour. it does a great job of walking you through email/versamail. syncing for the first time was also a breeze.

    my palm pilot broke down about a year ago so navigating through the palm os is slowly coming back. other oddity is finding the phone options w/in the palm menu. i'm so used to finding everything under 'setup' on my old sprint phone.

    after reading about all the troubles here, i was a little hesitant. if you're a moderate user like me, go for it.

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