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    I just purchased JFilePro. Unfortunately, most of the current databases out there are in the older incompatible JFile format. Has anyone had any luck in converting the older JFile databases to JFilePro format using the the conversion program supplied with the program? Every time I try, it just crashes. Unless I can convert all those databases, I just wasted $25.
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    Well, I think you just wasted $25 bucks anyway! I'm a loyal convert from JFile/JFilePro to ThinkDB from Thinking Bytes . It's new, so there's not much out there, but you can use JFile's jconv95.exe to get .csv files. ThinkDB has a PC-based "Desktop" component that lets you create/edit the db's on your PC.

    I had JFilePro, and didn't have any problems converting the db's on my WinNT box. So I'm not sure what the problem is on your side. If all else fails, use the jconv95.exe (or whatever the first program was) to convert to .csv format, then the new converter to switch to .pdb/JFilePro format. It's a long solution, but it should work if all else fails.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hey Chazzz,

    You like ThinkDB? I am looking for a decent DB and it looks interesting. Have you done any relational tables with it? I was wondering how it worked and if it was easy to use.

    Anyone see Oracle 8 lite yet? I think I read somewhere that is supposed to be freeware!

    Thanks for any feedback you can offer!

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