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    Sorry if this is a repost, but I did not see it posted.

    I thought this was interesting:

    >"Plus, in my tests, the preproduction Treo 650 I had crashed several times, and so did the Palm synchronization software, which has always been solid as a rock. PalmOne will have to solve these problems by launch."

    October 28, 2004
    New Treo 650 Is Better Than Ever, But Rivals Offer Some Alternatives

    PalmOne's Treo smart phone has been the best combination of phone, PDA and e-mail device on the market. It had a few key flaws, though, so the company has now released a new, improved model, the Treo 650, to be sold by Sprint starting next month.
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    great article, thanks for the post.
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    Yeah, it's been seen before:




    plus TreoCentral removed the text of another post that quoted too much of that article that you just quoted - expect the same soon!


    See the post was editted before I submitted ths post!
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    Thanks for the link, looks like a pretty good review.
    Sprint Treo 650

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