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    how does it actually work switching between phone and mp3?

    it looks like the wire to one ear piece is longer. true? why?

    how is sound quality?
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    There IS NO SWITCHING which makes these beter than any others I have found... If you are liustening to mp3, the phone rings.. u click and answer (on the headset). After the call the music starts again.

    This works with REAL.. I havent put ptunes back on due to memory.

    One wire is longer because it hangs better that way.

    The quality is "OK" but with real there is no equalizer option so it isnt as good as ptunes

    Does anyknow know if real offers a BETTER app?

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    I'm expecting a free one from palmone in a day or so. I'll post some results then...
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    I am happy with mine. One wire is longer to allow the mic to be closer to your mouth on the shorter wire side.
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    Just got mine yesterday and i think they sound fine. They do work with pocket tunes and the auto resume. The long end (right ear) goes around the back of your neck and into your ear. The short end is so that the mic is close to your mouth (left ear)
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    So how's the microphone sound on the other end? Are calls in stereo or mono?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick
    So how's the microphone sound on the other end? Are calls in stereo or mono?
    Haven't had any complaints so far. Calls are in stereo
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    I doubt it.....Sound in both ears does not = stereo.

    (unless the caller has two microphones on their phone to produce a stereo signal)

    More likely mono both ears.
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    Another question: Does the phone ring through the headset or through the phone/handset when you receive a call? My old stereo headphones from P1 used to ring through the headset whenever I received a call while listening to Mp3s on my 600. Now the handset rings instead with the 650 and my old P1 stereo headphones.
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