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    Today, for some reason, my phone lost it's connection to Sprint, I was not using it or any other application at the time. I have NO other applications on the phone, except for the ones that came with it.

    After battery out, soft reset, etc., it worked again. I called Sprint to see if it was a "system" problem, verses "my" phone. They of course, said all was OK.

    It happened once again, same problem, same resolve.

    I called....well you can guess who. I have a new phone on it's way.

    So, I wanted to ask....anyone else have this problem today? I live in northern California.

    I hate the thought of switching phones, unless I need too.
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    I think I might have the same issue, but it's largely a Vision service problem I've had yesterday and today. I got a message that VersaMail couldn't establish a PPP connection. This is Boston for what it's worth.
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    anyone else???????????
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    Been using mine today, no problems.
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    i've been having trouble connecting on and off for sometime. with 2-3 bars i can start out bound call but it drops out before the line rings. also happens on in bound calls.
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