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    I don't know if this is old news or not. But since I just ordered a T650 from Sprint today to replace my T600...

    So is this an issue?

    "November 29, 2004 2:35 pm ET


    New file system constrains Treo 650 storage capacity

    By Tom Krazit, IDG News Service

    The change to flash memory from DRAM (dynamic RAM) for PalmOne Inc.'s new Treo 650 smart phone appears to have had the unintended consequence of reducing the amount of memory that is actually available to users. As a result, PalmOne plans to offer a free 128MB expansion card to Treo 650 purchasers to get around the problem, the company said Monday.
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    Try reading the millions of threads about this memory issue, here at TreoCentral.
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    OMG!!! Dude, are you new to the internet? Read forums before posting please!
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    Hey don't knock Mac users...


    Uh yeah... where have YOU been?
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    Quote Originally Posted by utey
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    PC user...

    Note that we wouldn't even have this problem if Palm wasn't so hell bent on catering to the world of Microsoft.

    Microsoft technologies (read bloatware), like ActiveSync, relies on the inefficient file access to large memory chunks. This is the source of at least 3 major documented problems that everyone is so disgusted with in the new Treo 650 (and rightly so).
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    Ok people... let's not turn this thread into a flame war.
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    Snipped it to respect copyrights.
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    Just read this forum and you will be able to tell if it is an issue or not.
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