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    I was wondering if there was such a thing as Word for palm or something like that? Essentially, I would simply like a little word processor for notes etc that I can upload/synch into my macintosh so I can edit and print on my home computer. Something like this would be great especially with a nice folding keyboard!

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    Of course, you can always use the memo pad that is built in, but if 4K is too restrictive try using a editable doc program such as SmartDoc or QED. After uploading these to your PC you will have to convert them from doc format to txt to open in a word processor. This is a quick and easy process. In fact, I believe there is a Word macro that is available somewhere that essentially "opens" doc file in Word by converting on the fly.

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    PalmDocs by Alexito will enable Word to save and open Palm documents. Works great.
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    Does it matter if I use Word on a macintosh? It shouldn't right? Hopefully?!


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