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    I'm a Cingular user so d*&n, no insurance.

    I've a chronic dropper, that's why I loved my old Nokia 8260. It could take a beating. I've already dropped my Treo 600 several times on the pavement, looks like it's beat up already, even scratched the space button. I know I can get a spare faceplate, can't find buttons though.

    I use a proclip, which is great but doesn't protect it. My wife uses the aluminum hardcase but it's too bulky for me. I need a case that can protect it from occasional falls but is small. Is Vaja my only option? I'm willing to pay the cost, it'd be cheaper than a new phone, but trying to see what else is available. Thanks for the assist.

    I know about the Javoskin and Boxwave, but i don't like having the buttons coverered like that. I've looked at the Sena case, but not sure it can protect from a drop like Vaja.
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    The vaja is extremely durable and sexy.
    I thinks its worth its high bucks.
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    How about the Treo Side Case from PalmOne? Playthrough doesn't seem to be an issue. Don't know how it compares in bulk to the aluminum case.
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