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    I couldn't gather my answer from previous threads, so I appologize..

    I have a bunch of midi ringtones I had on my old phone (and on my computer) Can I get them on my treo? Do I need special software that didn't come with the unit?

    (keep in mind I don't have an SD card yet)

    Also - same question re: MP3's and .wavs...
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    FTA Treocentral we need this.

    You cannot use MP3 ringtones natively.
    You can use MP3 ringtones with a 3rd party app.
    You cannot use MP3 ringtones without a SD card.
    Wavs can be emailed to yourself and dowloaded.
    Wavs can be hotsynched over to your handheld.
    Wavs can be sent and recieved via beam.
    Wavs can be sent and recieved via bluetooth.


    Never mind dont quote me, I will write my own FTA and host it myself.
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    Midi files should work fine out of the box.

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