Despite my love-hate relationship with the 650 (mostly because of the love-hate relationship with VersaMail), I have decided to keep it because I compared it side-by-side with the 600 and once you see the screen on the 650, the 600 looks inadequate (600 owners: DON'T look at a 650 if you are not ready to spend the $$$).

Anyway, I will use VersaMail for wireless POP3 access to my Exchange inbox (until I have the time to troubleshoot activesync). But I also want to do a hotsync synchronization so that I have a copy of all my inbox messages on the 650 (I use my inbox as sort of a pending list). Once I delete the messages from the 650 the first time they appear, they won't come back via wireless or hotsync.

I tried setting up a seperate VersaMail account for just hotsync synchronization, but that didn't work either. I used to use InBox To Go on my 600 for hotsync and the Mail program for wireless but would rather not add anything extra (memory issues). Anyone in the same boat or who can help me out? Thanks.