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    Can anyone recommend Project Managem,ent software? I am leaning towards Project Planner. What about Quicken or PocketMoney...preferences? And finally, is there a site where I can download solitaire for free? I can't justify p[aying 12 dollars for it. Thanks!
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    You can get a solitaire game with multiple types in it at It is named Patience. Also, there is another one with fewer features named Smallware Solitaire that is also free. Find it at

    Hope this helps!
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    I too would be interested in knowing if anyone uses Pocket Quicken and what they think of it. I'm a big time Quicken weenie and I track all my money in Quicken, even the cash, but I keep losing track of my receipts for cash and it would be nice to be able to enter expenses on the road....
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    I haven't tried this software yet.....still waiting for my Dlx.... but I did find this site for project management

    Good luck

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    I have just purchased Pocket Quicken but was disappointed to find out that it won't keep a running balance on the Visor. Only when you sync will you know your balance. It is not designed to be a full version of "Quicken for the Palm Computing Platform" but rather a mobile companion to your desktop Quicken product. However, Ultrasoft™ Money Pocket Edition will allow you to have a running balance in their next version. You can find out more in this newsgroup,
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    Another way to go is the Qmate / Quik Budget combination. You enter your transactions in QB, which tally in your budgetted catagories. The data flows over to Qmate, which gives you your running totals for cash/checking/visa/savings/swiss accounts. (No Qmate to QB dataflow, though) Qmate, w/ a little upload CSV fiddling, feeds your Desktop's Quicken.

    Install Qmate first, then be sure to install the right version of QB. I haven't actually done the Qmate to Quicken upload, but comments indicate that it does work.


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    A tech at Landware, the makers of Pocket Quicken, reported that they are working on a new version of their personal financial software. See text from Pilot forum:
    Landware Tech's posting:

    "Yes, in fact we are working on the next version of Pocket Quicken, which will contain a number of new, exciting features. If you have your own wish list of features you'd like to see in the next version, please feel free to send them to me at

    Michael Rothstein
    LandWare Tech Support"

    What new features would you Pocket Quicken users like to see? Maybe we can point Michael to this thread for Landware to review.

    I would like to see a portion of the desktop register downloaded into the Palm.

    MB <><

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