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    I'm new to Treos (but not to Palms and PDAs, I'm an old Newton guy!) - just got my 650 and love it. Looking for a case that doesn't add much bulk. I don't need a belt clip. Something along the lines of a skin maybe. I understand BoxWave might develop one for the 650. The Vaja case looks nice, but it's hard to tell how bulky it makes it. Any suggestions?
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    I like my Vaja case. It is not cheap but I think it's the best looking case and it's not bulky at all. I had the words: REWARD and then my work telephone number ingraved on the back.
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    Try an iPod case! Fits nicely and ther is a lot of selction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevesm
    Try an iPod case! Fits nicely and ther is a lot of selction.
    There's an iPod case for a Treo 650? I am confused...
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    I think steve means if you have a spare case for an ipod use it. It's a vertical pocket design and it has a belt clip. Fits treo 600/650 just nicely.
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    Oh...I was hoping for one of those iSKin silicone cases like I have for my iPod...
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    don't they have those in the TC store? I bet they will soon...
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    Can someone post a picture of the ipod case on a treo 650? Does it really work?

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