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    Haven't gotten my Visor yet, but when I do will be using it to track my workouts (weights, running, stretching, etc.), other general physical activity and food intake (calories, carbs, protein, fat). Anyone have any tips on which programs are best?
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    Try I have found some related databases on that site.
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    Check out DietLog by SoftCare at:

    Reviews I've seen say it is an excellent program, although very pricey as PalmOS software goes. I have not seen anything about whether or not is has any problems on the Visor, but I'm intending to get this one for myself, once my Visor arrives....

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    I can't speak for it's usage on the Visor, but on my Palm V, DietLog works fantastic. And it does what it's supposed to, quite well. I've lost 9 pounds in the past month that I've been using it, and I've tried many, *many* other ways to eat sensibly. That's what DietLog encourages you to do - *sensible* eating as opposed to just plain dieting. It lets you keep track of several nutrients, and you can see charts of how you're doing for each meal, day, week, etc. It's a fantastic program, and it's helped me begin life-changing steps I wouldn't have been able to take otherwise. Anyway, that's just my two cents.

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