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    Was happy that it arrived this morning (and with 1/2 a charge on the battery)

    SPRINT only took about 45 minutes before my # was transferred from my old phone to the TREO 650 - that was pretty nice


    1. I installed and hot synced from the CD that came with the device. Are there any websites/updates I need to do ASAP on anything that arrived?

    2. I want to set up my versamail to get my email, but leave a copy on the server - where is that option and how do I select it

    So far I love the device - I am BRAND new to TREO and will post a thorough review when I get to play a bit. I had a PALM VII once upon ago, but this is my first foray into the convergence device.

    p.s. I need to put AOL (yeah.. I know.. shhh) on my treo 650 - do I get 3.2 or is 3.2.1 working now?
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    Not aware of any updates yet...supposedly one coming

    Versamail comes default to leave a copy on the server. Setting for this is in options/preferences/server

    You have the option to leave mail on the server or delete it after checking...
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    For AOL, i would use any of the available messenger programs- they cover aol, yahoo, ect.... (verichat, causerie, ect....)

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    ok but if I wanted to use the aol software for email/IM - which version is more stable?

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