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    Hello @ all.

    Who of you has synchronisate his treo 600 with suse linux 9.2,
    (kontact) .

    Are there any problems?

    I want to buy me a new one.

    Thanks for help.

    Regards from germany.
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    I have used Suse since 8.0 and have synced with KOrganizer and now Kontact. The thing to watch about 9.2 is permissions and groups. When I upgraded from 9.1 to 9.2 I had trouble syncing until I checked the permissions on /dev/usb/USBtty1. That device was in group uucp. Once I added myself to that group all went well.

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    Fine, thanks for help Zane.
    What Did you set up for synchronization about that?
    Any one other kde programm, like synce, multisync, etc.?
    What does an Treo 650 or 600 cost in the USA, now?
    Cann you give me a price, please?
    Thanks again :-)
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    Kpilot is the main KDE program for syncing Palm devices. Jpilot is another program that works well. It is basically a linux clone of the Palm Desktop software for Windows. Kpilot integrates with the KDE addressbook, calendar, and Knotes. Jpilot is purely stand-alone.
    The pilot-link suite is the basis for all Palm syncing in linux. You must have it installed. I have not used any of the other Palm syncing programs available in linux. Pilot-link will allow you to do many tasks from the command line. Kpilot and Jpilot just make it easier to use.
    Right now a 650 runs about $599 US without a service agreement. You could probably get a 600 for $349 or less.
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    Hi, thank you for your very good answer,
    you help me so much.

    thx thx thx.

    Regards from germany

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