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    Remember on the 600, if you used the email app that came with it (later with the Sprint version too, initially, Sprint had HS keep it of their version), that the Email_HS... file would get bigger and bigger, and over time it could fill up all your spare memeory?

    I sure hope it's not the same for the VersaMail client too. Use FileZ and look at the file named "MulitMailAttchments (it's not a ROM file).

    Mine was 433K in size and I down loaded a 166K file and it grew by that much. When I delete all the emails, that file is the same size. It's not untill I delete this file, usinf FileZ, do I see it go down in size.

    To test the theory of this being the attachemnt file saving location, I deleted it, without deleting the emails and when I went back into Versamail, any email with an attachment, could not open that attchement that was prevoiusly downloaded.

    I seems like MultiMail is part of Veramail? There is an app for both, but the MultiMail is hidden and if you delete MutilMail files, it effects Versamail.

    It seems that MultiMail Attachments if for the attachements in VeraMail, MultiMail Message is the body of all the emails and the MultiMail Disconnected may be errors? MutliMail is the application (which is in ROM).

    Any PALM GURUS have any insight on this?

    From my initial findings, it looks like it may be Snapper time again, I was goinf to sit snapper out this go around because VersMail seemed to be on the ball and well intergrated and I didn't want to waist the extra memeory on Snapper, if Versa worked fine (due to the memory issues already).

    I'm not a Palm Guru, nor do I play one on TV. What are your views?

    Thanks for your time, Matt
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    When you delete a message it isn't "purged" until you either manually empty trash or set the auto empty trash to immediate. I think it defaults to 7 days.
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    Yea, I thought about that and went back and manually emptied the trash and it was still a big file size. Do you have a 650? If so, can you load fileZ and check the file called MultiMailAttachments and note the size, then send a good size file, like 30K or so and see if the file grows be about that much. Then delete it, and empty your trash and see if the file is the same size, or smaller.

    Thanks, Matt
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    I do own the 650 and I'm not seeing the growth after I empty trash. If you're sending from the 650 those attachments are in the sent folder and that won't get auto cleaned up like the trash. Is that the issue?
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    These are recieved files that I am getting on the 650. You have fileZ or something like that? What size is MultiMailAttachemtns on your right now?
    Thanks by the way..
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    Thanks Tim, I see antoher person is not having an issue either, I am deleting the files and starting over. Thanks again for the help.
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    Mine grows! Did you find a solution?
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    Mine grows too. It does not go down when you delete sent mesages or anything like that. Sucks big time.
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    Still working on it. It seems to be hit or miss on the deletion of the files from the RAM.... Perahps I should email Palm Source? I wanted to make sure it was not just "me" before I did so, looks like other are having the same issue.

    Thanks for the feedback!!
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    I just did a test. I had a 900+ KB MultiMail Attachment file. Found this thread (thank goodness) and then EMPTIED my Trash, which had a bunch of stuff in it. Went back to FileZ and found that the Attachment file was down to 3.5KB. Yee ha - way to go Palm for fixing this problem! At least for me anyway...

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