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    Is there a quick and simply way to get photos from iphoto to my treo 600 so that I can view them with the Camera app. I have copied photos to my SD card but they dont show up in the Camera. Any ideas?
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    i highly recommend using splash photo for picture viewing instead of the pictures app. Good OSX support with splash photo also!
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    If you put .jpg files in the DCIM folder on your SD card (make it if it isn't there already), then you should be able to see them in Camera if you switch the category view to SD CARD. Make sure the card is fully inserted if it doesn't show up as sa category.

    I also reccomend splash photo as a much better viewer. You get a thumbnail view of your pictures and can view them full screen and as a slideshow. maswell is saying there's a nice desktop companion for it for OS X. I look at the picture view of the camera app as like the lcd on your digital camera...useful to see what you got, but you need something better to enjoy them.
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    Splash Photo works well. Those thinking of buying it and Snapper Mail should check out the higher level Snapper Mail which includes SplashPhoto.

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