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    How do you transfer the sms message history from the 600 to the 650? i tried looking in my backup folder and installing the sms_msg_database.pdb but no luck...
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    Hmmm... not sure. Have you tried tresmart?
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    Tresmart has no public beta - so that's not a solution yet.

    I found the backed up SMS files, phone number by phone number, from my Treo 600, on my harddrive here. But the Treo 650 doesn't seem to back up SMS logs by phone number - I can't see them in the same file structure.

    Hopefully I can merge my Treo 600 SMS logs onto my Treo 650 before I get too much new content in there!
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    Hi, I'm Walter, the developer of Tresmart. There is no public beta (yet), only because I wanted to be able to contact my beta testers, in case I got stuck, or for the purpose of telling them of a problem. This has happened only once up to now. Anyhow, Tresmart works quite well for the Treo 180/270/600, and hopefully in the next future also for the Treo 650. Just ask me for the download link by writing to . If you are in doubt whether Tresmart works or not, just ask other people on this forum.

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