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    I currently have a PalmIII with DB3, Hackmaster, DiddleBug and Flash Pro installed,hopefully soon I will receive a Visor Deluxe. I have 3.3 on two computers (home and office) I would like to keep most of the same info on both (address, todo, memo, addresses etc.) Is it possible or will I have problems? I know that I will store more applications on the Visor
    Should I put seperate applications on the computer with different user names?
    Help appreciated
    Dave B

    Dave B (Grandpa Geek)"If it ain't broke, don't fix it yet!

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    You lost me with having 3.3 on your two computers. Do you mean you upgraded the OS to 3.3? If so, the OS resides on your Palm, not on your computers. Also, you didn't say if your Palm III has upgraded memory. If not, then you have 2 MB RAM on your Palm, and you'll have 8 MB on your Visor Deluxe (I can't see your original post while typing this, so I assume you ordered a Deluxe.) You may have problems keeping the same data on both once you get more than 2 MB RAM. (If you're getting the "regular" Visor, well, this won't be a problem because it has 2 MB RAM just like your Palm III.) It really depends upon what you want to do. You can keep both the Palm and Visor identical if you want to. Or, you can name each separately and let each contain its own data.
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    I think that you will be asking for trouble if you use one sync program for two devices with the same name. Why do you want to keep them both synced up?

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    The reason I want 2 palm devices (Palm3 & Handspring I do alot of business traveling and would like to keep info at home for my wifes use . I presume the best thing to do is to set up another user name correct? Should i just beam info between the units

    Dave B (Grandpa Geek)"If it ain't broke, don't fix it yet!

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    You should set up another user name for your Palm device. If you're using Outlook, when you sync, set the settings to "Outlook overwrites handheld" as the default setting.

    It's pretty convenient to beam the occasional application but a hassle to have to do it too frequently. It's pretty slow too.

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    Hey, dabirk, you have two computers, one at home and one at work, and you want your wife, at home, to have access to your schedule when you're on the road. Why can't she just turn on your home computer to see where you're at? Or, are you saying that you have one schedule and need it to be up and running on four (two computers and two handhelds) different machines at the same time? Am I the only one who thinks this may be overkill?

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