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    I am going to order boxwave for the 650, but don't know whether to get a 3 pack or just 1 right now. For those who have used them, how long do they typically last? Should I get the 3 pack?
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    I have the ClearTouch Crystal's now and they are great. I've only had them for about a month or so. Before that, I had the regular ClearTouch for about 8 months. I use that one now as a protector for my Gmini 400 PVP.

    In short, they last a very long time and they are reusable and washable which gives them more longevity.
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    I'm using them on my 650 and think they are great. You can't even tell it's on, which is nice (IMHO) and they are very easy and forgiving to install. Here is a review of them from The Gadgeteer (

    The TreoCentral store sells screen protectors which seem to be the same as the BoxWave, I'm not sure if they are. Check those out as well. If you search, I think there was a thread or two about them.
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    I put a Boxwave protector on my screen last December and still looks and works great. Actually, this is the second phone (the first had the buzzing problem) that has used this one protector.

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