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    I was at a conference last week where PalmOne had an exhibitor's booth set up. Now I am still rockin' my 180 (refuse to upgrade untill BT showed up), and was impressed enough playing with my colleagues' 600s. Then saw the PalmOne booth and thought I'd chat. ShoNuff, girlfriend had a GSM 650, working right there on Orange network, and let me play with it

    Of course y'all Sprint folk already experience the difference, but for me it was amazing how much nicer the screen is then the 600. The PalmOne lady pulled the battery off and pushed it on to show me, and the Treo just popped right back on again, no reset of any kind.

    She said she believed that an unlocked GSM 650 would be available for purchase (I assume in USA, we did not get to that little detail) in January. Did not discuss price.

    Must have GSM 650......
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    Awesome! Glad you finally saw one!
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    Yeah most all the Palm One employees at the Roadshow that I attended had GSM, if fact, I did not see one unit that was Sprint. They let us play on them too, I am excited and hoping many of these issues are gone.

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