Does anyone know of a utility that shows which apps are running as background processes on the Treo and rank them by cpu utilization (similar to the Windows Task Manager)?

I have been using Pocket Tunes Deluxe with Shoutcast streams for the past few days with no problems until tonight. Now it pauses constantly about once every 1-2 seconds. At first I thought maybe it was just a network problem. But I tried playing an MP3 file from my SD card and it also hiccups. Also, if I exit the PTunes app (by pressing either the home, or phone buttons) while Ptunes is playing, then the Treo resets.

I suspect that another app running in the background is interfereing with PTunes, but I don't know which or how to determine the culprit without uninstalling everything. All I can remember doing since before the problem began was 1) installing MMPlayer and 2) registering my copy of the Voice Dialer. I just uninstalled MMPlayer to see if this fixed the problem, but it still hiccups and does the reset. I find it hard to believe that the voice dialer could be the culprit since it has been on there since the start.

If I had a utility that showed me what was running in the background maybe I could figure out the problem.

Any suggestions are welcome.