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    Ok, not sure how many of you have played around with the included World Clock app that came with the T650 but upon closer inspection, it seems to have an alarm clock as part of the app! At first I thought, "Great, I travel a lot and needed an alarm clock" but now the alarm clock time selection is really buggin the heck out of me. I can't seem to enter time into the program like I can with the calendar when trying to enter an am or pm time.

    For example, I need to set the alarm at 10:30am. So I proceed to enter 1, 0, 3, 0 and then a (for am) but the entry still reads 10:30pm! I then try and enter a time of 11:55am and the same thing happens. The app doesn't seem to recognize the a as am and the p as pm!

    Is this an oversight by PalmOne or am I missing something?
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    if you scroll down far enough you will see its broken down into AM PM just tap the one you want real simple!! undefined
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    I set the alarm. At the designated time a popup dialog appears which says that the alarm has occurred. Problem is, no audio.
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    Use military (24hr) time and skip the am/pm crap. You have to have the system sound on to atleast 1 to get the alarm to work I think.
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