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       #1 that I have your attention, though I have not gotten my visor...I am hearing of some uncompatable about a comprehensive list so we don't all mess something up...

    From another post, I heard BugMe has issues.

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    Some hacks have forced soft resets, but not consistently enough to isolate the problem(s), although it seemed to result during frequent use of Switch Hack.

    I could never get ScreenShot Hack to work, and Battery Monitor Hack just shut off the Visor when activated. No damage in either case, but they didn't work either.

    I tried a program called Web Tracker to enter URLs for later reference. Version 1.1 kept crashing the Visor. I upgraded to 1.2 but haven't really used it enough to determine whether it's compatible or not.

    In a few instances, MultiMail Pro and GoBar seemed to cause crashes. Programs I'm tried without problems are: AvantGo, Handy Shopper, VCR Plus Calculator, Omni Remote, Menu Hack, Clear Hack (to remove the lines from Memo Pad), Swatch Hack, Star Pilot, Launcher III, and CSpotRun.
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    Here's one that seems to not work on the Visor; Metro. It's a program that gives travellers subway information for 110 cities world wide. You put in the originating subway station, the destination subway station and it tells you which train to take, which stops and which trains to transfer.

    I get "Fatal Exception" errors when I run it and forces me to soft reset. My brother has a Palm V and it works fine on his machine.

    Has anyone else run into this?

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