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    For some reason, I can't install Chapura's "Jibe", which syncs palm contacts with palm desktop and Outlook Express. When I run the Jibe install program, it brings up a text doc, which says that I'm not syncronized with a palm device. I think what might be the cause, is that the Palm Desktop and hotsync software is now installed under c:\program files\palmone\. I think the Jibe install might be looking for files in the old Palm or Handspring install folders. Just a hunch. I've emailed Chapura 6 days ago, but no response yet. Just wondering if anyone else has it working. I had it working for the 600, so maybe the Jibe uninstall I did, didn't go well.
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    This reply is quite a bit late, but I'll mention it anyway. At the Jibe website (chapura) I found, "Jibe is not compatible with the palmOne Treo 650, Zire 72, Zire 31, Tungsten T5, Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E devices."
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