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    BackupMan 1.51 works fine on my Treo 600 with a 512MB card. It worked fine on my Treo 650 with a 1GB the first week. Now I get an error saying there's no room on by card.

    There's 695mb available on my 1gb card.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Email the folks at bitsandbolts here...

    They have a beta that I and others have found successful. I actually just did a full restore. They do not want it distributed so contact them for the beta.
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    even the automated backup?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    The folks at bitsandbolts .. have a beta that I and others have found successful.
    From the bitsandbolts website:

    "We would like to thank the 223 people who emailed us regarding the beta, your assistance has allowed us to thoroughly test v1.52 of BackupMan in record time. At this time, we are not looking for any more participants.

    We are planning to update this page on 2004-12-01 with additional information on the Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 as well as a version of BackupMan that works around as many of the problems on those devices as possible.

    We are still hopeful that palmOne will release a patch to fix the remaining issues."
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    One issue that will still remain they say is the BACKUP FAILED MEMORY issue which comes up sometimes and for no reason I can see

    We will see tomorrow!

    I love this program. its like a peace of mind because it works

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