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    When I hotsync the Treo locks up and gets stuck on either the Contacts or the Tasks sync. I have to soft reset the Treo. The PC Palm software has to be canceled by CTRL-ALT-DEL , then 'end task'. I can't try hotsyncing again, unless I restart the PC.

    I removed both Contacts and Tasks from the Sync process and it will complete without these two obviously important parts of the Treo. When the Treo attempts to sync it will 'freeze' on them and never finish.

    Please advise, or add your problem. It was working flawlessly till 2 or 3 days ago. We may be able to trace it to software. I will remove the beta Backupman and report back if it is the culprit.
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    Mine does it too now! Only contacts. ANy remedy?
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    Had it working again by simply hard reset and using BackupMan. However, it is now consistently locking up on 'Contacts'. Any suggestions?
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    Yes!! I FINALLY fixed it! I NEVER synced my contacts to my desktop until I fixed the issue. Some of your conatcts are corrupt. I realized this after reading another thread where this other guy's contacts are corripted because there were some photos attached to some contacts. He deleted those contacts (the picture became distorted on the treo 650-easy to recognize). Well I had no photos in contacts that carried over from my treo 600. But I figured they must be corrupt. So if you have everything backed up on your desktop, delete ALL addressbook or contacts files on your TRreo. Now set your hotsync to ovewrite handheld. If this doesn't work, you have to manually re enter everything. I had nothing on my desktop so I bluetooth over my contacts in groups of five. Then I'd drag & drop into the palm desktop. Sometimes there was an error where the palm desktop coiuld not accept the file, other times it went in no problem. The ones that didn't work I manually entered in. AFter I was done entering eveything from Treo, I deleted all the aformentioned files on my handheld. I can finally sync with NO problems whatsoever. I was getting to my wit's end as I hadn't fully hotsynced my device since I've owned it. So basically you have corrupt contacts. You need to delete ALL addressbook & contacts files on your Treo but make sure you have evrything entered on the desktop. This will work GUARANTEED!!!

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